“You have a gift for expressing yourself in writing. Have you ever considered writing professionally?”

~ Julie B.


Duane was born in Daytona Beach, Florida in the fall of 1960 to parents with an entrepreneurial spirit.

His family moved him to Indiana before he was one year old. There he grew up in a small rural farming community, which together with his loving parents taught him the values he holds dear to this day.


He has been happily married to his bride of 40 years, who are now living what Duane calls, “our third great adventure.” This adventure is now 21 years in the making and ongoing. It began in the summer of 2000 when the couple pulled up stakes in Indiana and moved to the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Montana.


When asked recently by someone if Duane ever saw himself moving out of Montana, he replied, “I’ll only consider it when I have seen all of it.”


That move won’t happen any time soon though. Montana is huge.


The couple’s first great adventure was moving to Florida from Indiana as newly wedded and freshly graduated college students. Their second great adventure was building a brand new house in 1995, before making the move to Montana just five years later.


One of the biggest things he learned, very early, was that his word was his bond. He was taught to follow through on his promises to others. And, if something would cause him to not be able to keep his word, it was imperative to consider the effect on the other person and move to correct the error, and still keep his promise. This principle of doing all he agreed to do still drives Duane’s relationships today.


As a youngster, Duane remembers working in the garage with his dad on his trucks, getting his hands all dirty and greasy. Duane was the best ‘mechanic assistant’ his dad ever had; passing along the wrenches, sockets, and screwdrivers as the ‘surgeon’ called them out. These were some of the early training stages where Duane was learning that he had a mind and was expected to know how to use it.


This developed in him a strong desire for achievement, bolstered by an insatiable curiosity about how things work.


His persistent, inquisitive, detail-oriented center has assisted him well over the years. He spent many years working in the manufacturing field. Duane’s favorite experience of those manufacturing years was when he served as Senior Process Engineer, where he was responsible for developing new manufacturing processes for new product lines to be offered for sale by his employer.


His real and lifelong passion though, is aviation. Duane’s drive has led him to become a private pilot at the age of 17. While his high school classmates were building their hotrods, Duane was taking flying lessons.


He subsequently earned his aircraft mechanic’s license where he has served in many positions; Aircraft Mechanic, Maintenance Shop Supervisor, Repairman, Repair Station Chief Inspector, and Repair Station Manager.


Duane’s favorite experience as an aircraft mechanic was troubleshooting ‘squawks’ as they are known, finding the problems and repairing them. Careful attention to detail was paramount in Duane’s successes in the aircraft maintenance industry.


Duane remembers an email conversation he was having with a close friend in 2001 or 2002 about the events of the day. The friend had taken notice of Duane’s communication skills in written format and stated, “You have a gift for expressing yourself in writing. Have you ever considered writing professionally?”


This started Duane on his current path, working as a freelance copywriter for the aviation industry, focusing his attention on providing Case Studies and leveraging those success stories into other Content Marketing elements to drive up your customer acquisition.


Duane can be reached at (406) 360-3126 or duanesipe@bresnan.net.