Business-to-Business Aviation Copywriting Primarily Specializing In ...
Case Study Planning and Writing

Are you missing out on one of the best methods to convince your potential customers that you are the one to solve their needs?


Your customer success stories are a valuable way to get your message across but are much more than a simple testimonial.


That’s where I come in.


I use a detailed, multi-step process that minimizes the risk of important elements of the story slipping through the cracks.


I will handle the specifics such as:

  • researching and gathering the needed information,

  • developing a customized interview questionnaire,

  • identifying the unique hook, or angle, of the story,

  • conducting the customer interview,

  • developing a powerful headline,

  • all the way to writing the final draft.


Once you and your customer approve the final version, you will then have an effective tool that you can use to swing future decisions in your direction.

... With a Focus on Re-purposing
Your Success Stories Into:
Blog Posts
Press Releases
Sell Sheets
Slide Decks
Trade Show Handouts

"... you will then have an effective tool ... to swing future decisions in your direction."

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